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Allen Minster


Lead generation
Marketing process development for lead generation and nurturing

Professional Background and Accomplishments

Allen, a principal of Right Combination, LLC., is a tactical marketer with over 18 years of experience in sales lead generation, qualification, and nurturing. He has helped over 850 clients worldwide to increase sales, marketing effectiveness, staff productivity, and profitability. His clients are primarily mid-sized companies. and span a broad range of industries, including management consulting, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, non-profits, and high tech.

Early in his sales and marketing career Allen recognized that prospecting was a universally disliked task for most salespeople. The responsibility for cold-calling, direct marketing, and following up with prospects not currently interested in buying was seldom done consistently or well by most sales people. “Phone reluctance” and an understandable preference for servicing prospects already in the sales cycle often result in prospecting for new business moving to the bottom of the “to do list.”

If finding new prospects was distasteful, nurturing prospects not currently interested in buying is even less popular. The urge to chase the “hot leads” understandably relegates good future prospects to the dustbin of sales activity.

The result of this behavior is fewer qualified prospects and less future revenue.

Allen designed and implemented systems for demand generation customizable to all industries and “puts prospecting on remote control.” His process includes effective telemarketing using the salesperson’s own voice and rigorously consistent follow up with direct mail and email designed to increase a prospect’s interest in the client offering. His system also stays in touch with prospects until they are ready to buy without requiring any investment of time by salespeople.

The message with Allen’s systems is simple: Free sale people up for selling and maximize the return on their time.

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