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George Guernsey


Corporate and business strategy

Product design and launch

Sales and market intelligence

Performance management

Risk identification and mitigation

Professional Background and Accomplishments

George, a principal of Right Combination, LLC, helps leaders in manufacturing, distribution, energy, communications and financial services to accelerate low risk growth.

A group executive at two banks, George headed operations improvement at Republic New York Corporation – then the industry-leader in cost management – and strategy and financial administration for First Chicago, where he designed a profitable model for the international business.

George co-founded Strategic Insights, a competitive intelligence resource, and directs its Insight Mapping service.

Based in London for 17 years, he headed European Management Consulting for Towers Perrin and worked extensively in Europe and Asia where he crafted market intelligence and risk mitigation solutions.

Hands-on sales and marketing success include bank product development and launch to specification and beta installation of major systems.


MBA in finance with distinction from the Wharton, University of Pennsylvania; B.A. in political science and economics from Yale University

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