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Increasing Selling Effectiveness at a Commercial Bank

A president of a multi-state regional bank wanted to increase revenues in his commercial lending department.


He was concerned because the loan officers were not spending sufficient time prospecting.   Loan officers were so busy with the work of processing loans that they often relegated prospecting to the back burner.  The president grew tired of reading the local business publications about loans that had been made by competitive banks that were not in his bank’s sales pipeline.   Even worse, some of the lost loan opportunities had been simply abandoned by the bank’s loan officers because of lack of follow up.


He said he needed a way to increase prospecting activity for the bank that did not detract from the loan processing time of the loan officers.   He wanted qualified leads delivered to the selling organization for their quick follow up.   For prospects that were not yet ready to change banks, he wanted a nurturing system in place to consistently nurture good future prospects for the bank for action by the loan officers when the prospect was ready to buy.


Right Combination™ provided him with this capability.


Six months after implementing Right Combination’s system, prospecting increased 300%, the number of formal proposals and the number of closed  business doubled.

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