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Increasing Sales Leads for a Mid-sized Manufacturing Company

The President of a mid-sized manufacturing company wanted to increase sales in a predictably smooth manner.

The company’s revenue was fluctuating dramatically.  The uneven revenue flows were causing havoc for purchasing and operations.   He determined that the underlying cause of the problem was that the salespeople were not consistently prospecting for new business.   Inconsistent prospecting lead to the sales pipeline frequently “running dry” of qualified opportunities.  The president remarked “When my salespeople are busy with new or existing customers, prospecting drops to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list”.

The president said he needed a way for a large part of prospecting to be handled outside of his sales team.   He only wanted to involve his salespeople with “warm leads” that had a higher probability of closing.   He also wanted to involve his sales people in cold-calling without them actually having to make the calls.

Right Combination™ provided him with these capabilities.

After only 6 months after implementing the Right Combination™ process, the revenue stream became more predictable and steady,  and the number of qualified leads increased by 30%.

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