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Increasing Sales for an IT Services Company

The Vice President of Sales for a rapidly-growing, mid-sized  IT services company wanted to double sales and create a template for selling success in new markets.

Best selling practices resided in the heads of the Vice President of Sales and CEO. The VP Sales also lacked a way to make new sales people productive in a short period of time.  The company planned on doubling the size of the sales force in year one, and tripling it by year two.  The VP Sales was heavily engaged in personal selling and had limited in his time to train new sales people.

He said he needed a way to codify best selling practices and train the sales organization accordingly.  The VP Sales also needed a system of milestones and deliverables that he could inspect for coaching his sales people on key opportunities and for identifying selling skill deficiencies.

Right Combination™ provided him with these capabilities.

As a result, the company met their plan for doubling revenue and continues to use Right Combination™ to on-board their ever growing sales organization.

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