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Interest Development

Right Combination’s approach combines traditional and web-based techniques to create interest in your products and services by:

            • Matching the right staff skills to each step in the process

            •  Delivering the right, custom-designed sales collateral to each prospect

            •  Using opt-in to ensure email materials are well-received

            •  Reinforcing, not conflicting with, ongoing sales efforts

            •  Putting sales teams in contact with prospects that are interested in meeting

The Right Combination provides services that generate interest among prospects because it establishes hope that your offering can solve their business problems.

We provide our clients with customized,multimedia marketing campaigns to reach out to to high-potential, highly-qualified targeted prospects.  Our process produces sales-ready leads that do not waste the time of the sales team. It also removes the most onerous tasks of sales people:  making cold calls.  We free up sales people to perform tasks with the highest and quickest payback for the company:  further qualifying prospects and moving the sales cycle forward to close.

The messaging we use for direct marketing is buyer-centric and consistent with your overall selling approach. We communicate directly with designated members of your sales team about any interested prospects uncovered by our process.

Right Combination™ becomes an integral partner with your sales team.  We work together to ensure a steady stream of qualified prospects who are ready to engage with a sales person from your organization.

Success Stories

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