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Targeting New Markets for a Maturing Line of Office Equipment

An executive with P&L responsibility for a $800 million division of a Fortune 500 office products company wanted to increase multi-function copier sales by finding emerging applications.

The marketing and sales teams were failing to anticipate new requirements and users for their multi-function copier equipment, a maturing product line which historically drove division sales growth.  His teams lacked a way to monitor competitors’ activities on a market-by-market basis.

The executive said he needed a way to gain external perspective on multi-function copier markets.   He wanted to target networks of competitors, suppliers and research firms to understand how emerging regulatory requirements could impact the need for this critical product line.

Right Combination™ services provided him with these capabilities, including a process to identify early signals of efforts to enter new markets led by suppliers of components and technologies as well as direct competitors.

As a result, the company expanded its own networks, positioning the multi-function copier line to become a leading provider to an emerging $450 million document management market.

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