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Increasing Sales for a Business Consulting Firm

A Senior Partner in a $220 million energy division of a business consulting firm wanted to increase revenue by adding profitable new clients.

His team delivered quality analysis, but their reports did not impress the CFOs of prospective customers in the energy sector.   These CFOs thought that the analysts were not well enough informed about specific issues and opportunities for their company.

The Senior Partner said he needed to be able to identify specific, timely ideas for each of his targeted prospect companies to achieve their goals through joint ventures, acquisitions or divestitures.   He needed to have all the thousands of items of information in the public domain about the energy sector analyzed to find potential M&A-related opportunities prospect companies.

Right Combination™ services provided him with these capabilities.

As a result, monthly briefings from our analysts enabled the client’s consulting teams to present innovative ideas to CFOs, leading to sole source requests for assistance on M&A projects.

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