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Sales Intelligence

The avalanche of potentially relevant and interesting market information often overwhelms even the most efficient marketing and sales team.

Lacking up-to-date information on market developments and specific prospects, sales staff struggle to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

Right Combination uses state-of-the-art systems originally developed for government intelligence agencies to read and analyze thousands of items of market information, targeting changes which signal potential opportunities for your company.


This sales intelligence process identifies emerging needs on a prospect-by-prospect basis.  Right Combination can deliver these highly-qualified leads directly to your sales organization.

Success Stories

A Senior Partner in a $220 million energy division of a consulting firm wanted to increase revenue with targeted new clients... (learn more)

The new CMO of a market-leading traditional telecom services provider had a mandate to grow sales from middle market companies...  (learn more)

The head off an $800 million division of a global office products company wanted to increase sales of multi-function copier products... (learn more)

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