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A Senior Executive with P&L responsibility for a $800 million division of a Fortune 500 company office products company wanted to increase sales for the multi-function copier product line ...(learn more)



The Senior Partner of the $220 million energy division of a consulting firm wanted to increase revenues by adding profitable new clients ...(learn more)


Financial Services

The President of a regional bank wanted to increase revenues in his commercial lending department ...(learn more)


The President of a mid-sized manufacturing company wanted to increase sales in a predictably smooth manner ...(learn more)


The CMO of a $500 million industrial chemical manufacturer wanted  to up-sell a key product by expanding the line to compete in the “High Design” and “Custom” markets ... (learn more)


Marketing Services

The Vice President of a Fortune 500 incentives company wanted to generate more qualified leads ...(learn more)


The President of an advertising agency with strong technology capabilities wanted to increase sales and reduce selling costs as a percent of revenue ...(learn more)


The Vice President of Sales of a rapidly-growing IT service company wanted to double sales and create a template for selling in new markets ...(learn more)



The new CMO of a market-leading traditional telecomm services provider wanted to grow sales from middle-market companies ...(learn more)


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