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Web Conversion

The most important Internet presence of B2B companies is their website. It is important because it presents your company’s capabilities to solve customer problems on a world-wide stage. The messaging on your company’s website is critical because it is the first place people come to when they first hear your company’s name.


Too often corporate websites act only as product brochures or as a platform for clichés praising the company. Seldom do corporate websites act as a silent salesperson, where prospective visitors get a guided tour through your site that begins with a customer business problem and ends with a plausible solution. Your corporate site should pay for itself by converting visits to your site into solid sales leads. Unfortunately few websites do.


Right Combination harnesses the power of messaging, interest development, properly implemented “persuasion architecture” and Internet strategy to drive prospects to your website and convert them into qualified prospects.


We also work with our clients to incorporate the right combination of social media to gain maximum leverage from your Web presence. Right Combination has experts for leveraging blogs, Facebook, and Twitter into powerful tools to drive traffic to you web site and convert web visitors into sales.


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